Our animal hospital team in Pocatello

Our Team

Alta Animal Hospital’s experienced support staff strive to provide personalized, compassionate care for our patients and clients alike.

Hospital manager Dana Avery at Alta Animal Hospital in Pocatello

Dana Avery

Hospital Manager

Dana is an Idaho native who has previously worked in the people side of the healthcare field. She has always had a passion for animals and is grateful for the opportunity to incorporate that passion into her career.

For the past 5 years she was the Front Office Manager overseeing 40+ client service specialists in multiple locations. She also has experience in laboratory, pharmacy, and health information management. 
In her spare time she enjoys camping, exploring new places, horseback riding with her two horses Strider and Keisha, hiking with her four dogs Fred, Wilma, Abby and Fritz. She also loves playing with her 3 cats which she adopted and bottle raised after their mother was killed and their names are Bob Cat, Tom Cat and Kit Kat. 
She is excited to be a part of the Alta team and looks forward to working with everyone!

Client service specialist Joanna at Alta Animal Hospital in Pocatello

Joanna Swallow

Client Services Specialist

Everyone at Alta is thrilled that Joanna has returned to Alta as a Client Service Specialist. Her sunny disposition and her wonderful way of working with Alta patients bespeak of her compassion and love for animals. Joanna grew up right here in Pocatello and she relishes spending time with her friends. She also loves a good movie now and then. Joanna grew up with several family pets, but now that she’s out on her own, she loves being able to share her home with Molly, a seal point Siamese and the very first kitty that she can truly call her own.

Erin DiCataldo

Client Services Specialist

Erin worked in human medicine for 12 years before coming to join our team at Alta Animal Hospital. She is very passionate about animals and is thrilled to be able to work with them every day. When Erin isn't working she enjoys hanging out with her son, her family, and her small zoo at home consisting of 3 dogs, 2 cats, 2 turtles, 2 frogs and a rabbit. We are grateful to have Erin as part of our team.

Certified technician Jacque and Pocatello in Alta Animal Hospital

Jacque Dimick

Certified Technician

Jacque joined the Alta team as a Certified Veterinary Technician in the summer of 2015. Previously she has had experience working as a technician for clinics in the Magic Valley and Portneuf Valley. She is a graduate from the College of Southern Idaho and is originally from Boise, Idaho. When not working, Jacque and her husband enjoy going on hikes around Pocatello, riding horses, camping, and doing yard work.

Veterinary Technicians

Aubrey Daulton

Aubrey, Veterinary Technician at Pocatello Animal Hospital

Aubrey joined the Alta Animal Hospital team in 2018. She loves being around animals. She has a tuxedo cat named Bo Jackson. She loves meeting new people and being able to help someone and impact their day. In her spare time Aubrey enjoys reading, hiking and traveling.

Becca Hopkins

Becca, Veterinary Technician at Pocatello Animal Hospital

Becca joined the Alta family in the beginning of 2017. Her favorite part of working at Alta is the sense of family and compassion that is shown towards humans and animals. She is originally from Seattle, WA and is living in Pocatello to pursue her human nursing degree. She graduated with an A.A. in Veterinary Technology in Seattle in 2014, but has been in the field since 2011. Becca has worked in a variety of practices including general practice, specialty, ICU and ER settings. When not working she likes spending time with her cat and dog, going on hikes, and swimming.

Brandi Jacobs

Brandy, Veterinary Technician at Pocatello Animal Hospital

Brandi loves working with animals and helping them while always learning something new. She started working at a veterinary clinic while in high school. She worked with us at Alta Animal Hospital until taking some time off when she had a child. She has rejoined us at Alta Animal Hospital working part-time and is a wonderful addition to our staff. When she isn't working Brandi enjoys gardening, hiking, crafts, and spending time with her family. She has 6 cats and 1 dog at home.

Emily Keele

Emily, Veterinary Technician at Pocatello Animal Hospital

Emily's favorite things about working at Alta Animal Hospital are learning from her coworkers, seeing animals beat the odds, and getting to know pets and their owners. She received her Associates Degree in Veterinary Technology and a Bachelors in Animal Science from BYU Idaho. Emily loves being outdoors, especially by water, and enjoys swimming, canoeing, and camping. In the past Emily participated in agility courses and trials with her toy poodle, Taffy. She also enjoys volunteering at animal shelters in the area.

Veronica Keith

Veronica, Veterinary Technician at Pocatello Animal Hospital

Veronica joined the Alta team in the summer of 2015 after relocating to Pocatello to attend school at Idaho State University. Veronica is very excited to be learning new things regarding the life in a veterinary hospital as she is currently debating whether to pursue her education in veterinary medicine or marine biology. That being said, you can always find Veronica with a fishing pole in her hand as she loves to fish, camp, hike, and visit with family and friends. Veronica has also volunteered her time in the past as a foster mom for the Boise Bully Breed foster group.

Elizabeth Lockyer

Elizabeth, Veterinary Technician at Pocatello Animal Hospital

Elizabeth grew up on a ranch just south of Pocatello in McCammon, Idaho. There she learned the hard work required to maintain a ranch and the animals that live there. Those experiences encouraged her to seek a B.S. degree in Animal Veterinary Science from the University of Idaho, where she graduated in 2015. Elizabeth is very excited to be working with animals at Alta, where she can positively affect their lives on a daily basis. At home, Elizabeth has 2 cats, Joey a 17-year-old Nebling and Precious a 15-year-old Siamese. When not working, Elizabeth is very involved with the Marsh Valley Pioneer Days Rodeo, the Gamma Alpha Omega Sorority, and she is a volunteer fire fighter for the city of McCammon.

Courtney Parkin

Courtney, Veterinary Technician at Pocatello Animal Hospital

Courtney joined our team in 2018 after relocating to Pocatello. She grew up on a small farm with many types of animals. She has a deep love for animals and is thrilled to be able to work with them every day. When she isn't working Courtney enjoys being outside and exploring all the wonderful places and things Pocatello has to offer.

Jessica Phillips

Jessica, Veterinary Technician at Pocatello Animal Hospital

Jessica joined the team at Alta Animal Hospital in 2016. She loves interacting with the public and the animals. Jessica enjoys playing softball, bowling, taking her dogs on walks, spending time with her family and hanging out with friends. When she isn't working Jessica spends most of her time studying and going to school to become a veterinarian. She has volunteered at our local zoo. Jessica's philosophy is don't sweat the small stuff, life is too precious and goes by too quickly to worry about things that don't matter.

Leah Schulz

Leah, Veterinary Technician at Pocatello Animal Hospital

Leah grew up in a small town in Michigan with three older brothers and lots of animals. She earned her B.S. degree in Biology from Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin and has several years of experience working as a veterinary technician. Her favorite parts of working at the hospital are helping pets and their people, and witnessing the power of the human-animal bond. When she's not working at Alta, Leah is helping to raise kokanee and rainbow trout at the American Falls Fish Hatchery. She likes to spend her free time trail running, backpacking, and snowshoeing in the mountains. She shares her home with her husband Jeremy, two dogs: Oakley and Twist (pictured), and three cats: Olivia, Cecil, and Murphy.

Our Blood Donors

Did you know pets need blood too? Our hospital treats numerous patients throughout the year that require blood or plasma transfusions vital to their recovery process. Our hospital maintains a blood donor program that is comprised of volunteer pets. Thanks to the Blood Donors at Alta these pets have a fighting chance to overcome serious trauma or illnesses.


Blood donor Hurley at Alta Animal Hospital

Hurley, a male 5 year old Labrador retriever, was adopted by his current owner after she fell in love with his rambunctious personality in 2013. Blood typing performed in November 2015 revealed that Hurley has a Universal Donor blood type, meaning he can safely donate blood to any dog in need of blood. Hurley loves splashing in his kiddie pool and going on hikes. He has a little sister, Letty, a Boxer/Labrador mix, who loves to wrestle and keep Hurley on his toes!


Blood donor Reidar at Alta Animal HospitalReidar, a Labrador Retriever, was born in April of 2007. He was adopted by his current owner several months later while he was battling a life threatening illness. Thank goodness he recovered completely! Now he loves playing Frisbee and running and hiking in the mountains. He even carries his own water and treats in a doggie backpack on long trips! Reidar began donating blood in 2009 at Alta Animal Hospital.


Blood donor Schultz at Alta Animal HospitalSchultz was born June 10th, 2014. He loves to go camping, swimming in lakes, and playing fetch. He has a eight year old sister, Szora (German Shepherd), and an eight year old brother, Gunny (Boston Terrier). He is donating blood to pay it forward for Gunny who almost died due to an autoimmune disease that destroyed his red blood cells. Without doggy blood donors Gunny wouldn't have survived his ordeal.


Blood donor Wilma at Alta Animal HospitalWilma is a 4 year old German Shepherd. Blood typing performed in March of 2017 showed Wilma to have a Universal Donor blood type, meaning she can safely donate blood to any dog. Wilma has a twin brother named Fred and a young Border Collie brother named Gus. Wilma spends her days playing, hiking and swimming with her brothers, her people and the family cats.